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Active poly sodium metasilicate(APSM) Replacing STPP for detergent

Active poly sodium metasilicate(APSM) Replacing STPP for detergent

Active poly sodium metasilicate(APSM) Replacing STPP for detergent

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Active poly sodium metasilicate(APSM) Replacing STPP for detergent 

Active Poly Sodium MetaSILICATE(APSM) is a new kind of silicate,  the molecular formula is NaSiO2, pH value is 11.0~12.5, dissolution degree (20 degree) is more than the water 100g/100g, it can be soluble soon, The temperature requirements is low, and can be used broadly.


1) Non-phosphorus washing agents


APSM is a multifunctional non-phosphorus washing agents, it has the combine and exchange capacity with mineral calcium magnesium indurative ion. Though the exchange capacity with calcium ion is less than 4A Zeolite, the speed of combine is fast. It can control the infection to surface active agent 's performance which is caused by rigid water ion in the cool water. And it's decentralization function is more than 4A Zeolite, and decrease the surface tension of water evidently. APSM have strong function to decompose the dirt, sediments can be emulsified oil, separate the suspend dirt particle, and it have strong alkali. The cushion action of it is pH is strong. All the above indicate that it is very suitable to be used in washing products.


2) Textile assistant additive


Because of its special capability APSM is broadly used in formula of textile printing and dyeing assistant additive, especially for the boil of pre-dispose and bleached assistant.

3) Ceramics filling process assistant


APSM have strong amortize ability to slop's pH, it can improve slop's fluidity, and easy to react with gesso, can do reaction of flocculation and hardening reaction soon, shorten the time of flan. The quantity of APSM is about 0.3%~4.5% of clay's quantity.



In addition, APSM can be used as build cement assistant, reduce-water assistant, reinforcing steel bar slow erode assistant, clectroplate remove rust polishing assistant, pH value amortize assistant, cement dispersant, metal antisepsis antirust, building felt assistant, glass intensifier, paper doff ink assistant, etc.



Calcium exchange capacity,(computed on basis of CaCO3),mg/g ≥320


Magnesium exchange capacity, (computed on basis of MgCO3),mg/g ≥300


Particle size (passing 20-hole sifter),% ≥90


Whiteness,% ≥85


PH value,(0.1% water solution,25℃)≤11


Non-dissolvable Substance,%≤1.5



.Na2O+ SiO2, %≥75

packing details:25kg pp bag or as per the clents' request, 1x40' fcl can loade 27.5 mt.


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